Monday, January 10, 2011

when the OPG machine failed us

We're supposed to practise tracing lateral cephalogram radiographs today. Whuzzat? That's just an x-ray with certain angulation, used as an aid in giving orthodontic treatments (those braces, etc.), but oh well, we walked all the way to a satellite cabin where the machine is and who'd guess an OPG machine (placed in the same room) failure made today's practical session almost erm... practical-less...? Alhamdulillah our orthodontist, Dr Rafeah Ayat Khan, gave us such an interesting demonstrations, I suddenly thought of taking orthodontics in the future. GAHHHHH HABISKAN DDS. DULU, ZAHIRAH!

Okay, so anyway, while we were waiting for the machine to be repaired, Yiying, Yeap, Sue, Yueming, and I had a little conversation on what each one of us would like to do after we have graduated - but our focus was more on Yueming since he said this to me quite some time ago, "I want to work until I'm 35 years old, then I want to retire and travel". Considering a guy whose skin is super pale, he has the complexion a girl would dream of, the brain which might even be on the same par as members of Mensa (a group of people who have IQ at least 98 percentile or higher), the skillful and slender fingers my colleagues and I always talk of, and the looks which may easily pass as an anime character - it's almost impossible for us to imagine him doing such thing. Initially the topic of our conversation was on Dr Saiful, the oral maxillofacial surgeon who is famous for being such a generous and nice lecturer, not to mention he's super smooth when he performs in operation theaters.

Sue: Weh, mu tau, Dr Saiful sponsor En Yadi pergi German. Best gila!

Z: Seriously??? Mak... syok gila. Ai, bila aku boleh buka klinik aku sendiri (Dr Saiful opens his own dental clinic specialising in tooth implants). Apa kata aku kerja bawah dia dulu. Kau rasa dia terima tak? Kekeke.

Yueming: You kerja untuk I la.

Z: Ngeh, kalau kerja untuk you, habislah I. "Ey, air jangan bazir. Disposable bib pakai satu untuk semua patient. Tak payah disinfect dental chair" (I was trying to point out that he's a stingy person)

Yueming: Haa, betul tu, suction tip (the straw-like instrument used to suck all your saliva and blood out, it's supposed to be disposable) tak payah tukar.

The rest laughed along.

Z: Kerja bawah Yueming yang kedekut, no way. Baik buka klinik sendiri. Dr Saiful belanja En Adi pergi GERMAN k, GERMAN. You nanti bagi I bonus apa?

Yueming: Can, can, I belanja you, don't worry. I belanja you teh dekat kedai I (his friend (or is it girlfriend? Ngeh ngeh ngeh) recently opened a bak kut teh restaurant).

Z: Acik you la, nak masuk pun tak boleh. Kalau you belanja teh, tak tahu berapa kali dah bancuh pakai the same tea bag.

Sue: Ha ah, tak boleh letak gula. Gula potong. Gula mahal.

When I write them down here, it didn't feel funny, but really, during that time, I laughed so hard that my eyes were teary. Tak elok gelak banyak-banyak. Now no wonder last weekend somehow felt down for me.

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