Sunday, January 23, 2011

yukkuri, yukkuri, slowly, slowly

I must've enjoyed myself too much this weekend because I have just finished watching my second drama series, Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Mei's Butler), and also a 26-episode anime, Ouran High School Host Club! About the former - Hiro Mizushima-san no me ga ichiban utsukushiidesu ne (Hiro Mizushima's eyes are so beautiful)! Do you notice that only certain people have those sparkling eyes? Such beautiful eyes :) Anyway, back to the Mei-chan no Shitsuji, I find this drama series sort of hard-to-grasp. We all know Japanese people beats all races when it comes to 'unique' (or weird?) stuff, but uhm... Yeah. I'd really like to visit that country, especially since quite a number of my favourite lecturers used to study or work there.

Anyway, is it just me who haven't watched any Japanese drama for almost 3 years already or this 'baggy-eyes' trend has just started? Ano keiko ga hontouni minikui ne (that look is just so ugly) -_-" Anyway, finally I got to know how Ouran ends. I'm not much of an anime fan. I prefer manga I think - leaves everything to our imagination. I had been reading Ouran manga a couple of years ago until its publisher claimed copyright stuff and all online manga websites had to cease from publishing Ouran scanlations. It's not that I enjoy benefiting from pirated stuff (and bear in mind, the internet connection over here sucks big time), but you can obviously count the number of good manga actually published in Malaysia. I was left with no choice (trying to convince myself :P).

Well I was about to write a few melancholic stuff actually, but it's 2.30am already. I have a class at 8.30am and a patient to treat at 9.15am. Good productivity must be prioritised... although I'm suffering from diarrhoea... AGAIN, thanks to the spoiled food I bought at a restaurant this evening.

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