Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Too bothersome to bother.

Too sleepy to be true.

Too tired to start with.

It's time to sleep, I'm just babbling because I miss this place.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

isshoni chokinshimasho! yeahhhh!!

"Let's start saving our money!", this is the meaning of the title above. I gained weight during the past holiday and my purse is experiencing the opposite, hence, saving money seems to be the most appropriate to correct this imbalance. Harus lebih banyak berjalan kaki dan kurangkan membazir pada makanan. YOSH!

It's weekend again, yay! This week feels so exhausting after nine days of slacking around during previous Chinese New Year holiday, I need time to adapt with everything. My clinical sessions had been rocky, thanks to this ignorance I'm trying to shed off. One note to self - NEVER read something from lecture notes without doing further research using textbooks. Kan dah kena, "Kalau awak jawab macam ni dalam viva, straight away fail tau!", warned a lecturer. Argh, my neurons have been sending signals relatively slower these past few days. I stuttered a few times which I find extremely retarded. Time to improve my theory once again.

It's getting more crucial than ever to improve my posture when practising because my shoulders and neck are killing me! "Awak nak kerja 30 tahun lagi kan?", Assc. Prof. Dr. Noorliza Mastura, reminded us. She'll resign from USM in March :( Yet another caring lecturer to bid farewell to.

And oh hey, I have one tooth to be root canal treated now, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I only have one tooth restoration (aka filling, and it's a damn huge restoration, so near to the pulp) and no caries at all and that very tooth now is dead, but since it was done more than ten years ago, I'm glad it lived through such long period. Thanks tooth 46, I will not pull you out. Thanks to my colleague, Shipeng, too for treating me :)

It has been quite some time since I last posted any entry, but Ahmad's home now! Alhamdulillah :)

"Ayah beli mjalah rod&line jan11 utk awak. Nanti ayah mnta pakcik harun arrange mncing"- text message received on 7th Feb 2011 from Ayah.

Insya Allah, Ahmad, Ayah, and I will go to Tok Mak's crib for fishing around end of March! Endau here we come :D I seemed more like a son rather than a daughter isn't it?

So what's up with previous Chinese New Year holiday?

My peers, Akila and Era came to Selangor! I brought them to a few places, but time constraint was a limitation and the traffic jams (everybody was rushing for last minute CNY shopping) weren't helping either.

We went to Midvalley and gobbled on a few stuff... hold on! A few? I'm quite sure they were more than a few. First, Papa Beard cream puffs (worth the price, really), Domino Pizza (I'm in love with its breadsticks. Pizza Hut can die) where we ordered a meal for FOUR (tamak, tamak), then quite a number of food which I lost count of, and finally my house where we had mi bandung. Speaking of which... during my previous trip to Bandung with my elder sister, Wani, we enquired our tourist guide on mi bandung. His answer was, "Ya, di sini ada mi goreng, mi bakso, mi apa aja, tapi mi bandung ya ngga ada".

Then there's Wing's Cafe - my first ever Chinese music cafe trip! Thanks to my senior, Mong (Dr Mong? Heh heh) and the pretty twins - Yiying and Yiyan for such a great night. The singers even dedicated a Malay song to me, how cool is that?

Next would be lunch with Jaja at Gardens, OneUtama. I had spaghetti carbonara (ate till my gastric content pushed against the gastrooesophageal sphincter hard). It was... maghhhveluz!

And then there's lunch + dinner with my partner in crime - Melissa, at Sunway Pyramid. I ate especially A LOT. on that day (not that I eat little on other days). We had Hot & Roll crispy pizza beef (Personally, its old name - Wrapz sounds way better), followed by a glass of icky (which after awhile tasted okay, but still sucked for Mel) red bean ice-blended and otak-otak at Pappa Rich, and finally Sushi King. As usual, since high school, she ordered tempura udon and I ordered black pepper udon with miso soup. You know that thing about the alcohol-containing food in Sushi King? Yeah, apparently, there were a reminder placed on each table, but perhaps it missed our attention. Anyway, there are only 4-5 things on its menu which do contain alcohol and two of them which I ate A LOTTTT before :( Unagi and ikura sushis. I should be more alert in the future.

Apparently, Jaja and I forgot Syawa's birthday (which fell on 26th January), so we decided to do a little bit of a surprise belated birthday celebration - got her a lava chocolate cake and an organizer. The thing about the latter was... we intentionally brought one with a green turquoise snake faux cover because it's the total opposite of something Syawa would buy. That's my most reserved friend who I knew ever since I was in kindergarten.

About a day before I flew to Kelate, had my usual holiday jamming session with Hanif, Ariff, and Kamal. This time, we jammed surprisingly many songs (impromptu) - Anna Molly by Incubus, Creep by Radiohead, Afterlife and Almost Easy (separuh jalan cis) by Avenged Sevenfold, Naruto The Raising Fighting Spirit, a few songs by Muse, and uhm... I lost track of them - just in an hour :) happy, happy-desu! Surprisingly each of us had gained weight wahahahahah!

The jamming session was actually sandwiched between a lunch with my high school ladies (Farhanah, Mel, and Anith; plus two new friends - Izrin and GF)(I forgot Ah Beng and Izzi!) and Tra's birthday celebration. Had a lunch at Bubba Gump's Shrimp, Sunway Pyramid. I rarely make bad choices at ordering food, but uhm... oh well. Oh well. Loved the place though :)

We attacked Tra who's back from London (I hadn't seen her for A G E S) next for her 23rd birthday celebration and had a sleepover at her house. I missed our Wii dancing session though :'( Sob, sob, because I drove back to Subang for awhile due to reason mentioned above. Had a short pillow talk before we dozed off. I noticed something - they all matured a little bit more :) And I'm glad I held on to this friendship although it's not all ups, but what's up without down?

Umi and Ayah were away to Vietnam this hols, but at least we got to have our usual nan tandoori session at Kayu Ara, Taipan, and lunch at Kak Ina (warong pun lagi sedak dari kedai hok comel). The best nan I have tested so far. Ayah is now a pensioner. Boleh pergi chill selalu dengan dia :)

I am so grateful to Allah for everything I had, am having, and going to have. For everything.

Friday, February 4, 2011

how are you, brother?

The chaos in Egypt is getting from bad to worse. Ahmad's in University of Cairo and about 4-5 days ago, we totally lost contact with him since all means of communication were totally blocked. No phone calls or internet connection was allowed, but Alhamdulillah Ayah has a few friends who are diplomats. At least we get to know the general condition in Cairo before the media does, because it gets agitating having to just sit around and wait... not when your family is involved. I still can't contact Ahmad which is annoying. Alhamdulillah too we finally received a call from Ahmad 3 days ago. Words couldn't describe how relieved we were at that time, but now I'm getting all anxious again after reading reports saying prisoners broke loose and the number of casualties is increasing with time. I have a couple of cousins also studying there, one of them, Zahra, lived very near to where the rally is being held. Alhamdulillah efforts were taken by our government to relocate them to Malaysian Hall. Right now, I feel so helpless. Prayer by prayer sent wishing their wellbeing. I don't know, man, I don't even feel like blogging much.