Sunday, March 27, 2011

the day i lost my temper

Ever since I was hit an recovered from MDD, I always wanted to lay low and concentrate more on academics and clinics, but today, something someone stated really ticked me off and there I went, messing around with silly varsity hassles. I'm a person who you can consider to prefer being in her safe zone currently I guess... whatever you want to describe that as. No more a brainless daredevil I used to be - the aftermath is too heavy to sustain. The thing about being in this Health Campus - which to general perception might most probably be 'the kingdom of nerds' is we push and point our finger to each other especially when it comes to getting someone to become members of our student council. Perhaps exception to the medical school. I really admire their courage and enthusiasm in this aspect. Another way of saying how things are is we couldn't be bothered to be involved in varsity politics intimately, but that doesn't necessarily mean we aren't bothered about them at all. We're selfish when it comes to this, but once a student is crowned as our representative, we usually give our whole support to him/her. We're no innocent bystanders. In this dental school, we back each other up... and so it is supposed to be. SUPPOSED. Hence, it is agitating to have our voice unheard when any decision is to be made. Well I guess they are just a jumble of misunderstandings stacked upon each other, one by one, and made worse by a sadistic person who shall not be spared from my wrath. Nonetheless, I'd better not act or speak without thinking well or I might be just another pest sputtering rhetorics.

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pasai apa nih z??