Saturday, March 12, 2011

terrible mood

Oh hey, Tune Your Teeth, I haven't seen you in such a long time, and today, I'm in a terrible mood.


Because I'm currently searching for guitar tablatures on Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade. It's one of the songs short-listed to be played during graduation night for medical school. Boy, do you know how much I hate bad guitar tabs? Hold on. It's not 'hate'. It's LOATHE. That's how much I despise them, what more if they are accompanied by their respective tabbers' over confident remarks which most probably won't help learning guitarists out there. What a waste of cyber space and time trying to play or read them.

Then there's this lousy internet connection in the university. Surprisingly it's almost hopeless if you'd like to search and read published journals in a short time and wonderful for Facebooking.

Next will be the song Memori Tercipta by Shila which was also chosen for our performance by Hazwan. It's painful trying to tab it while having to listen to this girl's overexerted vocal (I desperately searched for a minus one version of it). It's like listening someone screaming continuously. Or shrieking perhaps? Yeah... shrieking seems to be the hardest word, Elton John. See, as I had mentioned earlier, I have this weird (perhaps it's not weird, but I'm just too ignorant to read any book about it) hearing impairment in which case I'm less sensitive to low pitch sound and extra sensitive to high pitch, hence, my annoyance when listening to this song. Ah. What to do. For my friend, son. For my friend.

Then there's the water issue. The iron-saturated water problem seemed petty when compared to the recently worsening water shortage issue. Last week the water was totally out for more than three hours and it repeated for a few days. Entering the fourth day, I was ticked off. Give me a break, dear administrators, I'm in my fourth year and I still don't see any improvement in this.

Another issue should be discussed too - the university music room. It must had been such a long time I ditched that place that so many new things were brought in - things which I think should not have been bought provided the current insufficiencies. I don't care if there's any pro-HEP (student affairs department) kid who'd like to bash me for saying this (and I don't give one or two shit about the political fights in the university. Sue me). There are two severely damaged electrical guitars with broken strings and another bass guitar which damage is beyond being repaired lying pathetically in the room and ten Yamaha classical guitars were brought instead. They're non-jacked. I repeat - NON-JACKED. Perhaps they love the idea of sticking a microphone on the guitar when any performance is to be done. There are four amplifiers and only two are working. Of these two, one of the diaphragms were torn already. And guess what was bought instead? A huge flat-screened Bravia, as large as the TV in my own house complete with a digital karaoke set - which may be sufficient for buying at least two good electrical guitars, one bass guitar, and two decent Roland amplifiers . And as far as I'm concerned, the old TV is still fine. Do you know how much renting one of the guitars or amplifiers cost? RM40 PER ITEM. If you'd like to perform, then renting both guitar and amplifier is inevitable. Here, RM80 cashed out just out of pure ignorance and selfishness every single time.

The time I feel most happy would be during outings and when I'm in the dental school. I guess the administration really took good care of our welfare. Well at least way better than the party mentioned above.


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Them old bass guitars would probably be good for bashing on stage. Owh...YEAH! :>

zahirah ardy said...

hey, that's a good idea. maybe i can use it during our own graduation ngith instead, when i've finally completed my degree. then i can bash it. thanks, Paan!