Saturday, April 2, 2011

words aren't just words

If you choose to be oh-so-philosophical, choose to remember your words too. Words, they don't disappear just like that once you've written or said them. People don't forget easily. Hold to your words if they are right as you claim them to be. Don't say something for the sake of making yourself seem righteous or wise.

Nonetheless, even if you think they are right, you might want to think twice before saying or writing them down, because words - when used wisely may be among your sharpest weapons, but when used inappropriately, they may also backfire. Not everything that seem right IS right. Berpandukanlah pada beberapa panduan yang benar. Fikiran kita jika dibiar meliar sahaja tanpa kekangan, pasti akan sesat. Dan setiap perkara yang kita tulis itu kalaulah ia salah tetapi diikuti oleh orang lain pula... tidakkah besar bebanan itu atas bahu kita?

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