Sunday, April 10, 2011

you betcha

I'm speechless. Panas tidak sampai ke petang. I thought this weekend would be a relaxing one. That I'd finally be able to just laze around, reading Empress Orchid novel which Mel lent me while occasionally staring at the bright blue sky just above my head, after months of sacrificing my weekends for this and that. My room is located on the top floor and my bed faces towards the window. I hate lying on the bed except at night, right before I get to sleep. That's why I placed my pillows right beside the window. So I'd be uncomfortable to sleep during daytime. Logically thinking, it's easy to just place them on the other side of the bed, but frankly, I hate the idea of resting my head on a place where my feet usually lie.

Whoops, I had diverted from the main topic again. So anyway, it turned out that this weekend was not meant to be much of a relaxing one for me either. I was enchanted by the novel so much that I slept at 7.00am today. By afternoon, I was already wide awake and discontented. My coursemates and I were supposed to visit Staff Nurse Hasmi's house at 12.00 noon, but apparently I found out that it was postponed to 2.00pm late. Then, right after that, I headed straight to the university music room to practise a performance for medical students' graduation night with Hazwan, Yiying, Ziyad, and Mike. We finished quite late. Hungry from it, a few of us hunted for food. Somewhere in the middle, my tyre got punctured. I didn't notice it until the security officer pointed it out to me, most probably because I didn't have much time to drive anywhere lately.

Oh, hot dang. So I headed to the nearest fuel station, tried my luck to inflate the tyre helplessly, but I know that everything is futile. It's already night. No one in his right mind would want to open his workshop at this time. I couldn't bear looking at it, so I decided to change my tyre. That's when the adventure started. Trying my best to gather bits and pieces of the lesson I learned from a driving school on this matter, I took out my spare tyre and tried to take out the jack. It wasn't a smooth process. There was grease everywhere! "Heck! I deal with my patients' secretion everyday, this can't be hard, can it?", I said to myself. Well, not until I realised there wasn't any spanner in my car!!! I started cussing under my breath. Then my hero and heroines came. Ita, Ain Shafiyah, and Naim. The girls lent me their spanner and Naim came and helped lifting the jackscrew a little bit, but he let me do the rest. Gua baru ingat nak relax. "Kenalah belajar benda ni", he said. Oh well, I gotta learn it at some point anyway, HANDS-ON! All the theories made into practice, finally :) Something felt wet. Crap. My nail broke off and it was bleeding. I'm going to have difficulty in putting my gloves on later. "Ni yang aku rasa nak mencarut", the ungrateful me sputtered. "Haha, nanti tulis dalam blog", he replied. "HAH! HAHAHAHHAHAH! Kau baca!". "Hahaha, kantoi". So this goes to you, son. You betcha. Well anyway, now Along's car look ugly. I need to send the punctured tyre to a workshop soon.

Finally I went back, heaving two giant plastic bags containing a comforter and my clean laundry. I'm not going to lie. I send my laundry to a laundromat. With the sink filled with food debris these uncivilized people dumped (which frequently cause clogs) and iron-saturated water, no way. The washing machine downstairs? No way too, man. If my eczema don't start attacking me, I'd be glad to utilize all of them (except the sink), but unfortunately, that's not the case. Then later, I forgot that I left Mr Mikael and Mr Frontman (elec guitar and amplifier) in my car. Mr Mikael is so heavy I felt like carrying another me on my back. That's an exaggeration, alright. Once I finished bathing, I can't help but to let a soft sigh escape slowly. Today was an adventurous one.

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