Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i told you i won't stop - medical school graduation night 2011

Just because a few pests hit your windshield, it doesn't mean you should stop.

Albeit somewhat trapped in the hectic life of a fourth year student of dentistry, it didn't stop Yiying and I from performing during Medical School Graduation Night 2011. Frankly, I whined... A LOT, to Hazwan who was responsible in dragging us into this job - for which I spent quite a proportion of my time for studies, since our end of fourth year exam is just around the corner - five days away.

I performed quite a number of times already, but I'm not into solo acts. Being in a band feels more comfortable. So what makes this time different from previous performances? That is... having a string orchestra accompanying us :)

Countless thanks to the talented students of Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) Pengkalan Chepa for such great performance!

Then as soon as I started giving up on finding new musical talents in this kingdom of geeks - especially since Ayien graduated from the school - I bumped into these guys - Mike and Ziyad. The talented jokers. Finally I get to jam metal songs in USM (although I can barely catch up with their pace. Too rusty, man!) :D They're very helpful too. Well at least Yiying and I didn't need to do all the carry-the-f-ing-heavy-amps work as we did before. I have only Allah to thank for this. After all the hardship the three of us - Hazwan, Yiying, and I had to go through before, all the dissing, insults, and backstabbing, are all worthy. The prayers I sent for Allah to open the heart of a few people or at least distance them from me for I was too weak to put an end to the anger and disappointment, not to mention the humiliation I sustained during that interval was finally answered. When Ayah advised me not to wish for the condemnation of those who were unjust to us, I thought he was being too philosophical, but still, I obeyed him. He's right, as always. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah for lending them to me.

(Clockwise from upper left: Mike, Hazwan, Ziyad, Yiying, and I)


Cyberzwan said...

memang pon merungut byk..ingat x sedar..wawawawa...gdluck z!!! thank you sgt2!!!

zahirah ardy said...

eh. suka hati gua la. thanks to u too, son.