Friday, May 6, 2011

it will all be okay, insya Allah

We hadn't sat for any paper for so long until two weeks ago. And on the day after tomorrow, fourth year students of dentistry here shall sit for five papers - collectively known as end of year four exam. This is when the reality feels like a pinch in the middle of an episode of daydreaming. While I was busy trying to figure out the flow of this Gingival Problems lecture note (somehow, all the slides were jumbled up. How did it get to this?) by Dr Erry Mochamad Arief (our periodontist) and feeling slightly panicky I wanted to cry from this sudden build up of pressure, I accidentally turned on my media player and heard, "When you are close to tears, remember, someday it will all be over" - a line from Lighthouse Family's High. What a coincidence.

Yeah... let's try our best together and may all of us pass this exam with flying colours.


FurBall said...

good luck for your exam z!!!all th best..nnt shisya kat kl!!!

zahirah ardy said...

haha, aight, Mus! will try my best :)

Cyberzwan said...

gila macho gambar..XDD