Monday, June 27, 2011

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lame, I know, but at times like this, I can't help but to wish Avenged Sevenfold will come to Malaysia one day in the nearest time. Incubus is coming. I'm not much of its fan, but thanks to Ariff, Hanif, and Kamal, I learned to like a few of their songs which we covered during our jamming sessions. Since I'll fly off to Bandung on 16th July, so I'll have to pass that. Ahh... I guess, I'll just save some money once I work as a dentist and fly to Long Beach or somewhere to watch them.

Yesterday, I received a call from our acting deputy dean, Dr Fadhli Khamis, and the chairperson for elective, asking me to present my senior's research in the National Invention and Research Competition 2011 as the academic office nominated me. "We think you'd be able to present it well", Dr Asilah said. I wanted to refuse the responsibility but I guess it might provide me good exposure and experience. After having such a tough time during the recent Malaysian Dental Association congress (the students' part), in which case I enjoyed lectures by specialists and lunch only, I thought... "Am I really up to this? I haven't studied for a fortnight already". And my elective research is far from completion, I'll have to resume it when the new semester starts.

It's somewhat disappointing having to read those medical records with such poorly documented medicolegal part. In a few instances, I couldn't even find any record of the Glassgow coma scale. Come on, man, that's a crucial information! I hope y'all future docs won't do this. It's a reminder to myself as well. Since I'm doing a research on helmet-related oral maxillofacial injury in motor-vehicle accidents (MVA) among motorcyclists (ya, kerja saya sekarang terperap dalam Unit Rekod), I thought that it's important to note on whether the patients were wearing a helmet during the accident since the insurance company might want to know about that too. Only fifteen out of every approximately forty records fulfilled my research criteria, and I applaud those medical officers who documented the details well. You did a good job. Nonetheless I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I heard Ah Beh saying, "Look at this. Caries positive". Now I understand the reason our former most dean, Prof. Dr. Datuk Ab Rani, wanted us to study medicine. Recently, my friend, Syuhaida Syuib @ Ida said to me, "We received a referral case from the dental clinic. It was a case of dental pain secondary to angina (heart disease). Gosh we felt so proud". I mean, you will not want us to write "Bulging lymph node positive", if an incidental finding of enlarged thyroid is made, will you? Both parties should stop being ignorant. I wonder when shall both of us work in harmony, but oh well... easier being said than done.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

written in the stars

I tried cheering myself up by watching Glee. Apparently a worse feeling lingered instead.

I don't understand why I am running away from the same thing for two years already. It's getting exhausting, my stamina isn't that good you see. I might have jogged every single day when I was in my third year of DDS, but I stopped abruptly as my Professional 2 exams drew near. If there's a switch I can simply flick at my own will and erase a few memories, it'd be oh-so-useful. Instead of at least becoming blurry, the past is still crystal clear as far as I'm concerned.

Whenever it pops up in my mind, I seem to have the ability to shove it away at once, but the effect is always temporary. As temporary as the interval of time a rotation of the earth completes.

Everytime I take a flight early in the morning, I get to see the beautiful sunrise, featuring its best asset - the cloud, subhanAllah. It always look so solid, like an empire which buildings are made of cotton. And every single time, I can't help but to think oh how peaceful it will be if I can just run away from all the troubles residing on the ground and just lie on the cloud, away from all the conflicts I wish I can just ditch without feeling guilty, caring only about my own affairs although it might be lonely being stranded there alone. I just feel like... running away. Oh Allah, please make this silly though dissipate. Grant me the strength.

Friday, June 3, 2011

the 8th Annual Graduation Night

Alhamdulillah, my two months of chaos are finally over! Uncountable hours of sleep were lost, I was amazed that I only experienced an episode of upper respiratory tract infection for that. Thanks, Dr, for giving me a bottle of free vitamin C supplement :) Nonetheless, I had been rushing through meal times that I got acute abdominal pain twice due to food poisoning. Jjabs in the ass for that, weee~

Now lemme see... The 8th Annual Graduation Night which was held at Renaissance Hotel went quite smoothly; being the student project manager, I obviously overexerted myself because it's my name and also the name of the batch were on stake. We did a musical pantomime titled Romi and Julia. Mucho mucho gracias to Wani for willing to write a good script for us. It really helped speeding everything up. Received compliments from our lecturers (chairperson, Dr Nurul Asma) , staff, and friends. A handshake with Prof Dr Asma Ismail, our deputy vice chancellor; "You have a nice voice, it was a good performance", she said. Kembang hidung kejap. Those hours of practice till late at night paid well. Thanks to all lecturers, committees, batchmates, TAVA staff, and everyone who were involved.

Remember Dato' Dr Rosemi Salleh, the general medicine specialist from HKB who supervised us during our general medicine posting there? The one who said to a houseman, "The patient is having heart block or you are having mental block?"? Apparently he was one of the VIPs during the event. Other group members were really afraid of approaching him but being his usual warm and hilarious self, he greeted us as if our posting ended just the day before.

Congratulations to all seniors, may you all be a safe and responsible oral surgeons - especially to my senior, Seowlin, who was kind and patient enough to do a root canal treatment on my tooth although four attempts of killing it failed.

Took a photo with our very own Mama aka Dr Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, our super creative and caring prosthodontist and also phase coordinator. Her dedication in executing her responsibilities are astounding. We love you :)

So, dear seniors, please wait for us. In about another year, we'll join you to serve the public too, insya Allah :) The time when their name was called out with the title 'Dr' was really touching. Gave me a boost, really. I wish with all my heart that I too will succeed in this with flying colours.