Monday, July 11, 2011

That's it, lady

For the past few months, my life has been very eventful. Starting with joining a community service for fun as well as to gain experience a fortnight before exams,...

... performing with Hazwan, Ziyad, Mike, Yiying, alongside a string orchestra during Malam Graduasi Pusat Pengajian Sains Perubatan 2011,...

... sitting for the end of fourth year exams which were held six days later, worked my arse off as the project manager and one of the performers during The Annual Graduation Night 2011 for my dental school,...

... joining students competition during Malaysian Dental Association Congress 2011 - submitted one entry for each video and pamphlet categories which together with my team members we nailed first and second places,...

... doing a research, climbing Stong Mountain HALFWAY (hahaha) with Yiying, Ah Beh, Adrian, Chang, and Poisze,...

... burning my flight ticket back home and was sent by the school to join the National Research and Innovation Competition 2011

... during which Alhamdulillah I won this with Yatie and Yana's assistance (thank you so so so much for this guys, especially Yatie)...

... a bronze medal and I was the most junior participant, spending my first week of holiday in Krabi, Thailand, with Mel, Anith, and her coursemates,...

... and quite recently I finally get to meet all of my girlfriends (kekeke) during May's father's birthday party.

In just two months - I wonder what was in my head. "You've gotta learn to say 'no' la, Skypez", my old friend Azizi told me. Nonetheless, I can't deny I enjoyed everything - the adrenaline rush episodes and sleepless days before competitions, last minute revision for exams (four days for four years of syllabus, my brain nearly crashed), and performances; overflow of serotonin when I indulged myself too much during the trip, anxiety as I burned my flight ticket for the very first time in my life, muscle strain from climbing that mountain due to insufficient warm up and carrying amps and keyboards for music practices, living on vitamin C supplements to avoid falling sick due to overexertion, getting jabs in the arse secondary to food poisoning for not getting proper meal - didn't have enough time for a proper one :P, excessive laughters and gossips which I shared with my senior - the beautiful and intelligent Karen Voon, and my carefree team member, Yana, and whatnot. In a way, I'm psychotic to enjoy these, but I also know I am stronger now. Strong enough to shove off a few people who have been mistreating me for quite some time. I don't get angry easily albeit being a little bit dramatic is sinfully enjoyable, but once I do, you should know that you might have crossed the line a wee bit too much.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


From the way things are going, being overweight is like a curse I chose to cast upon myself.

And how things get misinterpreted so easily... it never failed to blow my mind.

Albeit how hard I had been trying to live positively beause I fear how pesimism gripped so tightly on me before, at this rate... I'm not sure whether I can continue doing this. I'm just unsure about everything. I'm unsure about everyone around me. I only have Allah to turn to. Please send me guidance.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Some jokes just aren't funny. Personally.

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Friday, July 1, 2011


Goodbye, Krabi, u gave me so much unforgettable moments. I want to write so much about it, but Ayah had moved our internet line to our new house in Nilai. So I'm currently blogging using my phone... which isn't as convenient as using a laptop.

Lately, i haven't been quite honest with myself. I look at them and I'd think... if only I have a partner like that to tell all my worries, doubts, happiness, and whatnot to. I guess I'm still a human then. An already twenty three year old human. I feel so old. Ah, but kind people don't come easily and I somehow think I don't deserve such person. If it's not for me to experience it, oh well. Might as well let myself being engulfed by this unpleasant emotion.

I think this is my very first time writing about such thing, eh?