Sunday, July 3, 2011


From the way things are going, being overweight is like a curse I chose to cast upon myself.

And how things get misinterpreted so easily... it never failed to blow my mind.

Albeit how hard I had been trying to live positively beause I fear how pesimism gripped so tightly on me before, at this rate... I'm not sure whether I can continue doing this. I'm just unsure about everything. I'm unsure about everyone around me. I only have Allah to turn to. Please send me guidance.
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Iliana said...

Keep it together sunshine. InsyaAllah, He's always there for you. :)

p/s: eh Zahirah kaw sure boleh punya lah! ;D

zahirah ardy said...

ya, hope so :( anyway, when will u blog againnnn~ lambatnyaaa :D