Friday, July 1, 2011


Goodbye, Krabi, u gave me so much unforgettable moments. I want to write so much about it, but Ayah had moved our internet line to our new house in Nilai. So I'm currently blogging using my phone... which isn't as convenient as using a laptop.

Lately, i haven't been quite honest with myself. I look at them and I'd think... if only I have a partner like that to tell all my worries, doubts, happiness, and whatnot to. I guess I'm still a human then. An already twenty three year old human. I feel so old. Ah, but kind people don't come easily and I somehow think I don't deserve such person. If it's not for me to experience it, oh well. Might as well let myself being engulfed by this unpleasant emotion.

I think this is my very first time writing about such thing, eh?


Cyberzwan said...

jodoh x ke mana..percayalah..btw ko x pi min kawen ker? sampai ati..<-------------------- padahal mamat ni pon x gi? -_-"

zahirah ardy said...

Hahjahahaha akuxactive memcari mcm kauuuu hahahhha. Maksud aku just anyone who'll be willing to listen to my whines la. Ahh aku xpg. Jijah punya stem cell research matiiii then nenek aku sakit, sudden alarm, skrg kt kampung trus.