Saturday, August 27, 2011

i remember...

... getting somewhat heated up with a lad who just began his career as a UD41 dental officer. Of course, I am certain, even to this day, that my companions and I were on the right side. Of course, diplomacy should not be compromised, especially when you're heaving certain responsibilities, in which case, protecting the dignity and pride of certain body/institution was your main priority. Nonetheless, perhaps, being a senior by two year, to this lad is an excuse for him to threaten us in a few ways. Perhaps too, he thought he had the upper hand in this case, but very unfortunate of him, not all students are so vulnerable. Well, actually, we, students, have so many privileges but somehow some of us are just too ignorant to notice and utilise most of them optimally. Nevertheless, never forget not to lose your head and disrespect others just to achieve a few goals. Be diplomatic, wise - especially in choosing your words, and if you can't really think outside the box, at least think twice before acting. Anything may generate a chain reaction which may either result in desirable or disastrous events.

Speaking of which... I'm having this headache in my er... right temporal area. And my mood has been ugly ever since, hence, I have been saying bad stuff. I feel like running away to a secluded place and stay there until the pain goes away, because I'm afraid I had hurt so many people these few days.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

lalang oh lalang

It's just funny. How one would do anything just to feel like 'being in a group', to try to fit in, when he or she had been taught all along on what's right and what's not. Of course, we need to live in a framework of our own kind, but we also need to know when to break out of it. Because after all, there are just too many people out there for you to befriend. Nonetheless, if you are too immature to make your call when you know things aren't going in the right direction, whose fault is it in the end? Especially when the same group of people had been throwing you away repeatedly and you know it very well - the future that awaits you.

We obviously need to equip ourselves with the skill of coping, but there's a clear line between coping and simply being a 'lalang'. It's amusing to observe this person condemning your every action and just to amplify his/her action, fitnah is being spread for no particular reason, when for years he/she had been licking your arse and you have yourself to laugh at for foolishly sparing a part of your heart for this little puppy. But in the end, you know you have so many people to rely on and this little puppy will continue being lost. Its lost. Not you. Besides, as Umi had reminded me, "You can't force everyone to like us". Let's agree to disagree.

The final thought for today... I desperately need to cure my phobia towards roaches. My urinary bladder feels like it's about to explode, but two cockroaches which decided to make themselves at home were busy doing Bollywood routine in the toilet. I chickened out. Let's just hope that sahur time will come fast because then my saviours will be awake. Rise, my comrades!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

turn back

"Cuba jadi perempuan sikit, Ira. Asyik terkinja sana terkinja sini", I recall my mother nagging me as I was climbing my way to the top of the mango tree in our compound. Almost never a girlish child, my cliques were mostly those of the opposite sex. I guess it's because I spent most of my childhood with Ayah, Along, and Ahmad.

I had four good friends when I was eleven or twelve. During that time, most girls were busy polishing their American accent, too much emphasis on 'rrr's and 't' became 'd', etc. So I didn't make the effort to mingle with them. A little bit snobbish there. Of all these four guys, I'm still keeping in touch with one of them - by the means of occasional hangouts, totally lost contact with another one, the third was uhm... I don't know. Things got awkward later for reasons I still fail to comprehend. And the last one used to be my closest friend. Got into the same class for so many years since I was seven, the geekiest and most innocent lad I had ever known in my life. Somehow, we weren't on talking terms all of a sudden as I entered high school. I didn't even know what happened to him until a few months ago when I received a friend request from him on Facebook. I don't really understand it, but changes are supposed to be normal, especially if you're given almost ten years to evolve; but it was as if he's a completely different person with the same face and apparently, the same name. For some selfish reasons, I actually wished he still is the same person I used to know. Friend, I wish we're still communicating now, but oh well. People change.

At times, we wish we can keep all the friends we used to know, maintaining the same relationship but that's impossible. And so it seems.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giada dan gigi

I'm not saying that I had mastered the art of becoming a couch potato, but I'm starting to watch TVs again. Life had been pretty hectic since my end of fourth year holiday began and finally, here I am, in my new home which is approximately fourty kilometers away from my former one in Subang Jaya. I haven't gotten accustomed to Nilai yet, but I sure am relieved to escape that congestion near my hometown, caused by USJ residents mostly (SS18 and SS19 don't have that many residents aight), they just drive me nuts every single time! Not to mention female drivers who almost never failed to make me somewhat humiliated by the way they handle the wheels. Don't drive fast if you don't know how, for everyone's sake, and your shades aren't helping much. Moreover, the road-bullies. Sigh... I have to resist the urge of pressing on the brake pedal every single time I'm tailgated. Surprise, surprise, some people just don't know how to utilize those signal lights optimally. I actually did this once simply because I wasn't in a good mood and I couldn't escape the fast lane because the middle lane was packed, but it wasn't a full brake and that Caldina right behind me panicked and I could hear its tires screeching. Shouldn't have done that. Things could've gotten uglier.

Well anyway, back to my initial purpose of writing this entry - Giada dan gigi. I've been watching snippets of Giada at Home and every single time, my brain will be instructing me this - please for my sake, change the channel, Zahirah; but I can't help but to continue watching it. Come to think of it... we, human, are masochists at times. We derive pleasure from pain. So what's the source of my pain? Those veneers are really getting on my nerves. Initially, I thought, "Did her dentist just increased her vertical dimension on occlusion too much that speech becomes difficult with those veneers?", when I saw her keep flashing those teeth too much and I actually sympathised her, but eventually, she started speaking like normal adults do, before, of course, resuming to her teeth-flashing state again. And then I knew... it's just her. So I Googled "Giada+teeth", and this came out. A good laugh after sahur. It's Ramadhan, Zahirah! Do something beneficial!!!!

That's Giada for you.