Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giada dan gigi

I'm not saying that I had mastered the art of becoming a couch potato, but I'm starting to watch TVs again. Life had been pretty hectic since my end of fourth year holiday began and finally, here I am, in my new home which is approximately fourty kilometers away from my former one in Subang Jaya. I haven't gotten accustomed to Nilai yet, but I sure am relieved to escape that congestion near my hometown, caused by USJ residents mostly (SS18 and SS19 don't have that many residents aight), they just drive me nuts every single time! Not to mention female drivers who almost never failed to make me somewhat humiliated by the way they handle the wheels. Don't drive fast if you don't know how, for everyone's sake, and your shades aren't helping much. Moreover, the road-bullies. Sigh... I have to resist the urge of pressing on the brake pedal every single time I'm tailgated. Surprise, surprise, some people just don't know how to utilize those signal lights optimally. I actually did this once simply because I wasn't in a good mood and I couldn't escape the fast lane because the middle lane was packed, but it wasn't a full brake and that Caldina right behind me panicked and I could hear its tires screeching. Shouldn't have done that. Things could've gotten uglier.

Well anyway, back to my initial purpose of writing this entry - Giada dan gigi. I've been watching snippets of Giada at Home and every single time, my brain will be instructing me this - please for my sake, change the channel, Zahirah; but I can't help but to continue watching it. Come to think of it... we, human, are masochists at times. We derive pleasure from pain. So what's the source of my pain? Those veneers are really getting on my nerves. Initially, I thought, "Did her dentist just increased her vertical dimension on occlusion too much that speech becomes difficult with those veneers?", when I saw her keep flashing those teeth too much and I actually sympathised her, but eventually, she started speaking like normal adults do, before, of course, resuming to her teeth-flashing state again. And then I knew... it's just her. So I Googled "Giada+teeth", and this came out. A good laugh after sahur. It's Ramadhan, Zahirah! Do something beneficial!!!!

That's Giada for you.

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