Wednesday, August 10, 2011

turn back

"Cuba jadi perempuan sikit, Ira. Asyik terkinja sana terkinja sini", I recall my mother nagging me as I was climbing my way to the top of the mango tree in our compound. Almost never a girlish child, my cliques were mostly those of the opposite sex. I guess it's because I spent most of my childhood with Ayah, Along, and Ahmad.

I had four good friends when I was eleven or twelve. During that time, most girls were busy polishing their American accent, too much emphasis on 'rrr's and 't' became 'd', etc. So I didn't make the effort to mingle with them. A little bit snobbish there. Of all these four guys, I'm still keeping in touch with one of them - by the means of occasional hangouts, totally lost contact with another one, the third was uhm... I don't know. Things got awkward later for reasons I still fail to comprehend. And the last one used to be my closest friend. Got into the same class for so many years since I was seven, the geekiest and most innocent lad I had ever known in my life. Somehow, we weren't on talking terms all of a sudden as I entered high school. I didn't even know what happened to him until a few months ago when I received a friend request from him on Facebook. I don't really understand it, but changes are supposed to be normal, especially if you're given almost ten years to evolve; but it was as if he's a completely different person with the same face and apparently, the same name. For some selfish reasons, I actually wished he still is the same person I used to know. Friend, I wish we're still communicating now, but oh well. People change.

At times, we wish we can keep all the friends we used to know, maintaining the same relationship but that's impossible. And so it seems.


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

change isnt always bad, it just needs another way of acceptance :D

P/s: dah tak andro-bloggin? hahaha~

zahirah ardy said...

I find it to be such a pain in the ass. Nothing beats surfing or blogging on a real computer/laptop.

Cyberzwan said...

dah jadi dentist nnti jgn nak smbg ngan gua plak..haha! when some people don't talk to you the way they used to doesn't mean that they've just need the right time and the right moment~~

zahirah ardy said...

nahh, i'm sure in this case, that person has changed. sigh.