Saturday, September 10, 2011

blog snob

Oh! A fortnight had passed since I last blogged and my end of fourth year holiday is coming to its end. It's 5.25am and I don't feel like sleeping. The reasons being I accidently slept for an hour last evening after entertaining Umi's guest and perhaps because there's only eleven hours left before boarding my flight back to Kelate.

Oh yes...

Selamat hari raya eid ul-fitr, everyone. Many apologies if ever I did wrong, intentionally or not.

I find myself being too hypocritical. I'm asking for your forgiveness but here I am, trying so hard to forgive a few people who apparently aren't grateful enough for whatever chances and favour I did them. This very bunch of people who had been causing me problems and I guess I'll just consider it as doing some charity work because honestly, they're too much of a liability to me and whatever I did, it's because of feeling sympathetic and nothing more. Do answer this - what did they provide me apart from companionship when I already have great ones? Oh, leeches... SHOOO!

Zahirah, don't be a meanie.

So recently, I've been reading comments on the increasing number of bloggers who prefer writing in English. "Tak sedar diri Melayu", quoting some of them. Alright, here's the deal. We converse in Malay. We read Malay papers albeit a few of them (such as Harian Metro) had been misquoting news on countless occasions. Then, what's wrong with blogging in English? In my case, I'm just grabbing this opportunity to practise this language because well, apart from having to converse with my patients in Malay, basically, the curriculum is English-based. So don't go all overreacting over small matters and blame your parents for not teaching you this language when you were small or not getting the chance to practise it as the time comes, requiring you to utilise it (such as during presentations or report writing). You only have your ignorance to thank to.

Nevertheless, it's never too late to start working on it for your own good. You have books, movies, songs, and the most accessible one - this thing you're using to read this blog. Go figure! :D And remember... people who speak with British/American/Gossip Girl (can this be accepted as so many are doing this?) accent aren't necessarily good in English. Most of our leaders speak in English with Malaysian accent intelligently and most importantly - making minimal grammatical error. So don't feel inferior. Go go matte (Whazza?).

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