Wednesday, September 21, 2011

elective elective electivvvve

Apparently my elective research is still here haunting me. Just to get 199 samples, I had to read 1400 medical folders. And currently, the system initially utilised in this research which is the maxillofacial injury severity score system was unsuitable due to poor documentation. So I had to switch to another system which is the abbreviated injury scale system which seemed to have PREVIOUS STUDIES conducted involving it before. And if you guys did statistics before, you'll know that we have to take into account whatever result derived from those studies in order for you to count your own sample size. I was taken aback for awhile as I hate to see my sample size inflate because it's so damned hard to find acceptable samples! As mentioned before, the average chance of getting an acceptable sample is one in every seven folders. Which means - let's say I need to add another ten samples, I need SEVENTY folders more. So I consulted my supervisor, Dr Abdullah Pohchi, who is also an oral maxillofacial surgeon. Alhamdulillah! He suggested me to skip the recalculation and proceed with whatever I have, but I need to add another criteria to be analysed - in other means, I need to request all 210 folders I reviewed before. Still, that's better than having my sample size inflated. You might even find me trying to jump off the hospital building nearby if that happens. Lawak sejuk aja, but I'm glad nevertheless.

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