Sunday, September 18, 2011

snail brain

It had been super super long since I last studied on Fridays (weekend for Kelantan). Perhaps it's time to change gears for more power. After two months of leaving all these textbooks, I am intrigued to have my brain scanned and if signs of degeneration are evident, it will not come as a surprise. Remembering mnemonics aren't much of a pain in the ass, but it's a jab when I can't remember what those initials stand for. Full throttle!!!

Finally weekends are here. I'm currently attached to the Accident and Emergency department of HUSM. A good place to start as the specialists are so warm toward us. Of course, all of us, the dental students, can never run from being showered with sarcastic remarks such as, "I don't understand the reason you're here. This isn't related to you at all. Maybe one day there'll be a patient who'd be brought over on a stretcher, requesting for crowns", but eventually we got to persuade a few medical officers to share their knowledge with us and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Still, there are those oh-I-feel-so-dumb-right-now moments during revision and I'd feel like crying, feeling very disappointed of myself. It may hap because I don't know what to do just to take my mind off things when the brain approaches its boiling point. For a start, I don't have snacks on my shelves (monosodium glutamate makes me dizzy and sleepy, while minty sweets make my tummy go all gassy. Killjoy!). I have a handful of games installed but once I start playing them, my biological clock will go erratic and I'll start sleeping at 6am and waking up at 4pm. I don't want that kind of life anymore. It's too tiring. I have thriller novels, but I won't stop until I reach the epilogue. At times, I'd drive alone. Speed soothes my mind, but I can't do that everyday. I need KA-CHING! More importantly, most drivers here are rude and dangerous. I don't fancy another accident. I can call a few friends, do some catching ups, but I'm not a fan of that. And I'm not much of a 'texting' person either. I can play my electrical guitar, Mr Mike, but it's too bothersome to turn on the amp and plug this and that in (yes, I'm a sloth at times). So in the end, I equipped myself with Merci dark choc. Normally, I'd have a cup of coffee instead, but some smart ass stole my water boiler as well as my rice cooker. Argh. Spare me some wastage, man. I can't afford buying those stuff every single year for five consecutive years. They don't come cheap.

More reasons for some KA-CHING! - today my cornering lights went dead. Not to mention my center brake light died three weeks ago... aaaaand my low beam headlamps died countless of months ago. Will send it to a workshop tomorrow. Ish, typical perempuan ni kalau tak jaga kereta punya well-being. Cannot like dat you knowww.

Two days ago, the pain on my left shoulder worsened that my mood went down the drain. So I sought medical attention. The doc said that it's arthritis (OA?) secondary to trauma (referring to the accident which I was involved in two years ago). Drat! Satu lagi peluang untuk hilangkan dosa gua, insya Allah.

Well anyway, I had just finished tidying my room up. Bought a few stuff (setakat yang termampu dengan keadaan kewangan yang meleset di kala biasiswa JPA masih berada dalam genggaman bucik-bucik USM yang seronok melalui kerenah birokrasi dan menjalankan kerja dengan efisen) and redecorated my room. Since this is my final year in DDS., insya Allah, might as well make it a memorable one - with a nice room of course. Unfortunately, a few people who used to live in this room decided to be pricks and left numerous unsightly markings here and there. If only we, students, are allowed to paint our hostel room as we wish, I'd cover these walls with a decent wallpaper :P Oh well, at least, now I don't have to face a dump after a tiring day in the clinic :)

I sure miss having a labret on. During my visit to Bandung a couple of months ago, I even purchased two labrets - hoping to finally have one on once I complete my DDS. Speaking of which, I recall receiving a somewhat insulting question from my senior, just because I had a labret on. Gosh, I don't even drink. This is just one little wrongful thing I hold close to myself and nothing else. Kalaulah semua orang bersangka baik...

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