Saturday, October 1, 2011

the best ones

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah for lending me a few people to me that I feel strong enough to face the world.

Teh Yi Ying, my human machine. A very responsible person, who will always execute any task given to her with her best effort - and because of that regardless how busy she gets, she'll always do fine during exams. A person you can count on to accompany you when you feel somewhat sad late at night. Someone you can laugh your heart out even over small little things. The most humble person I've ever met, honestly.

Norhafizah Mohamed, my motherly friend. My most hardworking friend, who even when encountering so many obstacles, she still stands strong - and for her every ATP used, she deserves her excellent results. The very person I can tell my every trouble and insecurity to. The one for whom I won't mind being nagged by Umi just to visit her house during raya. A sensitive but also the most sensible one.

Nur Azizah Abdul Hadi, my most independent friend. This is the very person who will survive even if she gets stranded on an island on her own. A Coolblog addict (but for some reasons, I can't tolerate this drink at all). The one who you can drag to any delicious restaurants, even hawker stalls, and you'd be sure she'll enjoy the food in one way or another. A 'poker face' master - a calm one, except when it comes to a few 'girly stuff' - of which she'd blush helplessly even if her facial expression doesn't say so. Whose ultimate weakness is - ghost stories :D

Man I love these people. Oh how I wish we'd all end up working near each other's clinic/hospital, but ah well. What are highways, aeroplanes, and all sort of communication modalities for?

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