Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For the first time ever, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I'm already a final year student. Yeah, I have that "Nur Zahirah | Pelajar Pergigian 5" name tag pinned on my white coat, but never have I actually thought of it much because all of us started our final year in DDS. With medical postings, so most of the time, we're somewhat off the hook whenever any specialist or medical officer where we're being posted at shoots us with questions (they usually stop halfway when we inform them that we're dental students)... of course, until a specialist who used to teach us during our previous phases comes and stops us in the midst of chickening out, telling everyone, "No, no, no, their medical knowledge is as good as the medical students'. I was one of their examiners during OSCE exam". Still, since we're DENTAL students after all, things'd get significantly stressful when we actually begin our dental clinical session. When we know that little time is left for us to fill our brain with enough knowledge to face the world as a dentist - above all else - a SAFE and responsible dentist.

From left to right: Jiamin, Acap, Jack, Mike, Ziyad, me, and Yiying

Yesterday was my very last time of attending Malam Raya Persatuan Sains Pergigian as an undergraduate student, insya Allah. We received a loud applause, I guess we did a good job after all the hardwork, last minute decision, obstacles, and etc. The most dedicated band members I have ever worked with so far. Tang Jiamin, Asyraf Hamzah, Jack Chan Wah Loong, Michael Teoh Wee Jing, Mohamad Ziyad, and last but not least - my android yang rock - Teh Yi Ying, thank you for giving me such a good memory to keep :') Thank you for everything.

The past week was quite tough. Had so much to do and yet so little energy left as I was down with pharyngitis and food poisoning, but I tried my best whenever I could. Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah, for lending me the energy to complete all those tasks. A responsibility is still a responsibility even if you try to twist things around. As long as you have accepted one, execute it well. Itu ialah amanah yang diberi pada kamu. The first thing I did when I entered my room after everything was tidying up my bedroom. It had been a week and a half since I last changed my bed sheet. Since I have eczema, sleeping on the same bed sheet for more than a week would mean experiencing severe itchiness and rashes. Well, everything is back on its track now. Alhamdulillah.

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