Saturday, November 5, 2011

hands down

White flag, I give up, man. I thought that some people are worth hanging on to - well at least, after months of being progressively worn out, I actually hoped I could talk to someone about everything - rejunevation? I'm not sure. It might be more of trying to lighten the burden I heave on my shoulders and to relieve this heaviness in my chest even in a minute amount, but I guess, the people you can depend on are so few you can count using fingers on only one of your hands. I'm a pessimist at times but I consider myself optimistic when the circumstance requires me to, and I'm neither always filled with unnecessary angst nor do I get easily provoked at that, but I guess at this point, I just can't see other way out apart from giving up and putting an end to it. I don't see the point of turning back either. So, yeah, I guess this is goodbye, friend. Had some great time in the past and thanks for it but that's that.

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