Saturday, December 24, 2011

it's the bandSHIT thing :)

A picture taken some time ago during MEDSOC 2011

First thing first, I'm going to say this - I really will miss these guys when I graduate. These are the most hardworking and talented band members I have ever worked with so far. And yet, all of them are so humble. Most importantly the respect we have for each other, always taking into account each other's opinions. Therefore, I didn't find it troublesome to join them for yet a few more performances this year even though I'm in my final year of DDS.

So here's a video of us performing yesterday. Practised for a total of four hours only because all of us had some other commitments, especially academically. That's what you get when you try to form a band made up of medical and dental students. I remember someone saying this to me, "Kau sibuk dengan band belajar karang terkontang-kanting. Tak payah lah", but I also remember getting better result than this douche till this day. You, madam, should think and see who you're talking to before saying things like that. Frankly, I don't mind not being the top one among my peers because in my point of view, as long as I surpass the level of a mediocre, still competent, and is still a safe practising dental student, then it's still fine. I don't want to be the person who boasts of her academical excellence and nothing else. In layman term, takda life. TROLOLOLOL. So anyway, this might be our very last performance together. All of us shall be sitting for our respective exams in March. Me? I gotta cover five years worth of syllabus. I don't want to waste the effort I poured for the past four years either. So it's time for the books now :)

On a totally different note, for you, who did this... you're old enough to be able to see the line between a lecturer and a student. Even if that person was your peer, you should've respected her as well. Nobody's always right. You can try to reason at times, but you, dear, should know when to stop. Gain respect rather than fear because if anyone is too scared of telling something straight to your face, you're nothing but a self-centered dictator. Being outspoken is good, but being insensitive and sensible are two totally different things. So be an outspoken but sensible person rather than an insensitive scumbag who shoves everybody away from herself and later complains about it. And respect your leader because there's no point of appointing one if you can't understand the simple concept of hierarchy.

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