Thursday, December 1, 2011

lipas dan salah call orang

Thanks to Wani who uploaded a picture of an apam with a roach embedded deep inside it - so deep that I - an expert at detecting a cockroach was fooled - and now people are asking me whether I have other ridiculous nicknames apart from Peah and Poyom. Wani, darnnnnnn.

Then, last week I mistaken Ashraf - my ex-schoolmate - for Asyraf Hamzah, my junior here. I confidently asked Ashraf about our 'supposedly weekly night out'. That awkward moment. Really. I mean, I hadn't met that lad for ages and suddenly - O_O

So it's December already. How fast time flies. Today, I decided to give myself a break since my body temperature began to rise this evening and I hadn't had fever since four months ago which I am proud of ^_^ See, I usually get acute pharyngitis every two months because my immunity system isn't that good, just as the rest of my siblings are. So, I shall confine myself to my bed tonight :)

The 9th Student Scientific Conference is finally over, so glad, so relieved, no more research reports to be done (while I'm still an undergraduate :P) ^_^ Hurrah!

Now, this is the truest reason I didn't post any entry this past fortnight:

Can I has food?
Taken from

I'm a meme comic hunter now. So far, I had finished reading a few of such blogs (and still keeping myself updated on them hur hurrr). If I get to finish 9gag, I'll declare myself... er... er... meme addict level 100000000?

Decided to change myself a wee bit. I gotta start to wake up earlier during weekends. So I did today. Let's see how things go tomorrow.

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