Monday, December 19, 2011

new neighbours

Geez, when will I finally go to the physiotherapy lab and get this shoulder fixed? "Time isn't a luxury of mine", my new neighbour, Huzaifah aka "Boss" (as Ah Beh and I dub him), said. True that. I've never felt so focused at finishing something before. Never paid this much attention to my clinical requirements. Debates, presentations every couple of months, patients posing challenges to you, taking care of another family, laboratory works, I need to be more serious.

Finally, I get to relax tonight. Thought about a few things which may be beneficial... or not. I recently attended Borneo Night 2011, my first ever experience attending the event. Four years had passed and I thought - why not? It's my final year as an undergraduate here, insya Allah. Surpassed my expectation, it did, well at least it was better than the other event I went to about two weeks ago. An event which I honestly think my auditory hair cells committed suicide after listening to a few banshees-in-disguise shrieking on the stage - didn't anyone do a sound check or were they just plain tone deaf? It's not a free show, so the audience deserved getting entertained at least in a more appropriate manner.

So, anyway, I actually considered working in Sabah or Sarawak. A change of scene again perhaps? I mean, originating from Subang Jaya, studied in Kuala Pilah for a year - a very humble place. A good place to focus on my studies, nonetheless. Then five years in Kelantan? A sudden change, but I am learning so much while I'm in this place. So, why not Sabah or Sarawak next? For a start, apart from my family members and a few friends, I don't really feel attached to Subang Jaya anymore. People change. I change. I'm no longer comfortable with some people, mayhap, I'm too much of an alien now, but you know... one of the wonders of life - you lose some, you gain some, and at times, you gain more in exchange. Albeit having such thought, I shall obey Umi's order - to get a job somewhere near to my home. In the mean time, back to the books, journals, and clinics!

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