Friday, February 24, 2012

after such a long time

I consider myself a universal music listener although classical, rock, and metal music attract my attention the most, but nowadays, it's so hard to find good music related to those genres. Pop used to be good until the current Katy Perry-alike artists start to bud and Fly FM and Hitz FM are totally ruined (but the latter had longed destroyed its own reputation since 10 years ago) with senseless noises which I don't even dare to call them a musical piece, hence, forcing me to replay good old songs. Once in awhile I'll bump into one that is so good as if I had never listened to it before. These few days, I had been replaying Silent Knight by Versailles again and again. Eargasmic. The very word that can describe Hizaki's guitar solos and the late Jasmine You's bass riffs. To those who aren't accustomed to their appearance, this is an example of a visual kei band. X-Japan used to be one until in late 90s. Ah well, I guess I miss their old image.


A reminder to myself - don't treat others like a puppet - for you to use according to your convenience - whether you're using your beauty, money, or etc. Although you think others don't see your true intentions, eventually, the lid will give itself away, and the next thing you know (or perhaps you might not even notice it at all) is everyone's already distanced themselves from you. 


flurk said...


alia said...


kawe suka beno baca post ni.
it's very rare to find someone who also listen to bands like x-japan and versailles. especially in usmkk hahaha.
of course, i've grown accustomed to their image but for teru, (x sure betul tak nama dia, kenal muka kamijo n hizaki ja)awatla hang dok pakai baju separa nampak umbilicus...klakar kot XD

i've yet to listen to silent knight. internet--so lemmm
so, maybe after my finals are over,i would love to 'sedut-sedut' your mp3 collections, if it's okay with you.
it has been a while since i bought/DL-ed albums/songs.

p.s. sorry for the long comments. ngantuk baca lecture dph, bukak Z punya blog segar sikit.

zahirah ardy said...

yeahhh, Kak Alia, Teru's case... to expose his navel is somewhat funny, nasib baik flat tummy hahaaha. skali buncit memang.. aih. try to listen to Silent Knight aight, one of the best Japanese instrumental rock songs I had ever listened to. All the best for Pro 3 :DDDD