Friday, March 2, 2012

accio vacation!

I hate mood swings, but that's exactly the thing that hit me these couple of days albeit not being able to fathom the exact reason to it. Well I guess almost everything is multifactorial in nature. Surprisingly enough, I think the part of my brain controlling it had been forced to reboot when a bat invaded my room last midnight. My coursemate, Era, and I were literally shrieking frantically and the adrenaline rush caused us palpitations until the next hour. It was hilarious though when fear caused even a bird eye chilli to seem like a bat's broken leg. Ah well, I'm surely stabilising now, Alhamdulillah :)

So Didie tagged me in this picture which was taken four years ago. Sigh... I need to lose some weight. My right knee injury (got it from falling down during futsal and someone being thrown at me) is getting worse with this weight. On a completely different note, I wish all of my colleagues are still as innocent and as selfless as they were four years ago. Nevertheless, I can't blame anyone fully for being so as the school puts us under unnecessary stress with problems which a top university in the country shouldn't be having.

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