Wednesday, March 14, 2012

D3 post-MOS

Day 3 post-MOS

Got prepared early today for nothing when I received a text from my patient this morning saying, "Sorry, Dr, saya demam hari ni, tak dapat datang". Well, I wish her a speedy recovery. I'm on MC today too after undergoing surgical removal of impacted tooth 38 the day before yesterday (which was performed by my colleague, Yiying, yippee~), but you know... the first time I underwent it, I found myself doing ward rounds that very noon right after the procedure because I was dead bored lazing around in my room. So today I decided to just try my luck and requested for a class IV composite resin restoration. Two hours passed and I didn't receive any call from the staff nurse who was in charge of KRK (Klinik Rawatan Keluarga). I couldn't concentrate on reading Sturdevant either because it's so noisy in there. Bloody! So, here I am, in my room, rambling nonsense. The swelling on my left angle of mandible seems much more prominent, eh?

Aight, exam is just 9 days away. Time to study, Zahirah, no more fooling around... except during weekends! Hey, since it's already day 3... hee hee hee! Le menthol-thing, come to me!

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