Friday, March 23, 2012

the game

So I hadn't called Ayah for such a long time. Had been talking to Umi most of the time. Talked to my old man today and I found out that my cousin, Abang Zul's, wedding reception will be held this weekend. You, my man, deserve all the happiness you can get. I also found out that Wani, Along, and my parents are planning for a vacation around June. Sigh... am I going to be left out again? I'm going to try my best and make them come to Kelantan or perhaps Terengganu. Wherever I can reach by car. I just... miss them so much :( I even forgot when I last went back home. DDS., how much shall I sustain just to attain this qualification. 

I hadn't been myself much these few weeks. You know, stress (in my case, it's longing for my family although we don't really contact that much) tend to make behave out of my norm. I can't really study. I can't really think straight. I can't concentrate on games (LOL). I miss my cat, Joni, as well. I miss my Subang friends. Anith got engaged and I wasn't there to witness everything. I'm happy for her though :)

Zahirah, be strong! Be strong!

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