Tuesday, March 13, 2012

an utter disappointment

Congratulations, Zahirah, for disappointing yourself. Sigh (and I'm the type that doesn't sigh)... Zahirah, you're self-destructive, but this is one of the most painful methods of self-destruction. I feel disgusted with myself.

See, to simply ditch something seems to be my way of escaping problems since I survived depression. So far, I've been benefiting from doing so. I shall do it again this time. Run, run, Zahirah, fly and don't look back. Nothing is waiting for you back there. I....... just hope the strength I need can be gained along the way - along this run. Besides, I had anticipated these in the first place. Time to face the consequences. Super-Saiyan mode!

This is just something I write to grief. I don't need sympathy. In fact, that's what I hate the most because from sympathy comes what seemed like a new hope to the one in grief. A false hope. If such sympathetic expression wasn't there, everything would've changed. Now that I saw it.... 

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