Friday, April 6, 2012

they're here! :D

Umi and Ayah are here in Kelate to see me and shopping ^_^ Alhamdulillah, yay! I had been feeling detached from my family and home. I'm really grateful :) Speaking of which... a couple of days ago, I scouted for hotels as Umi instructed. She wanted one that's nearest to Pasar Siti Khadijah, a market where she usually shops at annually, so I chose a humble but somewhat cozy hotel. Yesterday, the very moment she stepped into the hotel, she started complaining and we headed for Grand Riverview instead. Haha, adui... porabih bogheh den drive cari. Nonetheless, having them with me this weekend is much more meaningful than a few liters of fuel.

I longed for such peace of mind since these past few months. This week is particularly stressful to me perhaps because I had to go to Langkawi last weekend by bus (an eight hour trip) just to listen to one lad boasting continuously for four to five hours instead of getting proper education on social etiquette. To some, I might seem exaggerating, but having to do that right after we sat for our exams, I just can't let this incident pass just like that. Ah well, whatever. I already submitted my feedback... emotionally. LOL. And yeah, my left shoulder is getting from bad to worse, I had to resume taking my painkillers. Celecoxib, come to mommy!

While in Langkawi, I was pick-pocketed . Alhamdulillah, my purse wasn't in the outermost pocket of my bag, but my earphones were. RM100 worth of earphones... just like that. Honestly, I think it's stupid. Earphones? Who on earth steals a pair of earphones? If the pocket wasn't turned inside out (I zipped it before exiting the ferry), I would've thought that I misplaced them instead. Son, whoever you are... please choose something more valuable to steal.

Anyhoo, insya Allah, I shall go home on this 26th ^_^ I miss Joni. Le cat, how are you? I'm thinking of meeting up with my Subang girlfriends too. Man, I miss everyone.

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