Thursday, May 10, 2012

anna molly

Scumbag brain, y u no stop playing We Are Young by Fun in my mind?! Anyway, it's a song worth listening to, really :)

I am somewhat homesick :( The last time I came home, I didn't get to spend time with my parents much. When Umi told me, "We taught you to treat our guests with the best hospitality you can give. So don't feel sad. We're prepared for this when you came", she said. I was tearful. I really really really love you both with all my heart. Yes, they were very strict on me until I started to do my DDS. and they really give me all the freedom I need - whether it's about the people I choose to befriend, the course I take, marriage, going out, and the list goes on and on. What more can I ask for? Nothing. They even listened to me every single time I called them to tell all my problems and whenever I needed words of comfort and advices as I felt uneasy. "You and Ahmad are both the same. Whenever both of you sit for an exam, I'm the one who gets nervous haha", I remember Umi telling me this. I'd cry every single time of gratefulness. Thank you, Allah. It's because of them I feel stronger.

I had a fight with a friend this week. I'm not going to say I felt great about it, but I won't say I'm dead sad about it either. Frankly, I'm awfully sick of being blamed about every single thing. It's not about proving myself right, but I'm really a human. And being very sensitive to tone changes is my weakness, but sensibility sure isn't. And I'm sick of apologising as well. Until I receive an apology, my principles will stay tethered.

Speaking of which, I have ample of time this week. So far so good. Serviced and washed my car, did my laundry on time, finished all of my fixed prosthodontics homework, finally submitted my answer for the dental quiz this week, and next, I shall focus on my task to produce a multimedia presentation for next week's teacher's day party. Feeling somewhat productive and energetic this week. Alhamdulillah :) As long as 9gag doesn't start sucking my soul out again :D

I need to start revising. I studied for only a couple of days for my previous exam. Alhamdulillah, I still got the best result I could ever ask for. Time to start let this ignorance dissipate. And ah yes... I need to change this problem of failing to be punctual soon. Soon. Sooooon. Blarrrgggghhhhh!

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