Monday, May 14, 2012


I have so many reasons to be angry right now. First thing first, I misplaced my laser mouse and I really have no idea where it is right now. Uhhh, not another RM80 to be spent. My fingertips are sore from manipulating this software using just touchpad. That's certainly not an efficient way of finishing a task. Then perhaps because of the somewhat recent short-circuit my laptop experienced that it is running at such an excruciatingly slow speed. I. Need. To. Upgrade. My. RAM. To. Eight. Gigabyte. Next, I think my brain had undergone significant degenerative changes that I am so frigging slow at learning new Adobe After Effects tricks - which brings me to the next thing on my list. This cunning Adobe is so good at preventing piracy that I had tried at least 3 methods of cracking it and as soon as I succeeded, the piracy-detecting-stuff haunted me within a couple of days. Ah well, 'Arrrrrrr!' (like a 9gag pirate), I'd really really like to buy that software as in... legally, but it's just near impossible with that price (more than RM2000). I can buy another electrical guitar with that much money. Oh, internet, Y U HAVE SUCH LOW BANDWITH?! I need Unifi for... 'Arrrrr!' ;D

Anyhoo, I'm thinking of coming home at least once before my final professional exam. When shall I go home, hm...

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