Monday, May 21, 2012

of effort and the result

I remember 'liking' a post on the Facebook group formed for my coursemates by Xinyu suggesting us to hold a celebration for Teacher's Day (16th May) about a week ago. Who would've known that I would be given the task to be involved in the management of food (initially), multimedia (a few seconds later during our meeting), and finally games (a few hours before the event itself - Helmi was the source) for doing so. For the last of these three, I wasn't involved much because I was hands full with multimedia-related jobs. The food part was a piece of cake particularly because I already knew a lady who's good at baking cakes from a lecturer and I simply asked her to recommend a caterer who makes good nasi minyak. I am so thankful that my partners - Yantie and Kak Bella were very helpful and independent that when I was panicking as the deadline for multimedia approaches, they could manage the rest of the things on their own. Nonetheless, I had to become the interpreter and uh... sort of a DJ unofficially during the event. Being a final year dental undergraduate, weekdays are usually the time we're clogged with so many work - from 8am till 7pm - leaving us with just a few hours to work on extra-curricular things, but thinking of the extra hours our lecturers have been spending for our sake all these years... our effort is not comparable to that at all. So I might as well give my best for this. Finally, the day arrived - 17th May 2012 marked the very first time dental undergraduates held a celebration for Teacher's Day.

Our dean, Dr. Adam Husein

11.00am - "Z, kau kat mana? Dr. Adam dah sampai dah ni?", said my coursemate, Didi, via handphone. I was still doing some touch-ups in a clinic. I was surprised and ultimately panicked. I ran upstairs while holding my laptop as my multimedia presentation was still on render. 

Helmi, me, and Kak Bella

For some reasons I failed to comprehend, I had to become the unofficial interpreter. What on earth, really.

Left to right: Dr. Wan Zaripah, Dr. Adam, and Dr. Fadhli officiating the event

I was amazed that Helmi managed the event fine even when he had to become the emcee on the spot. He stuttered here and there, but if I was in his shoes, I would've been dead blank. 

Left to right: Dr. Marzuki, Dr. Adam, Dr. Azirrawani, Dr. Daddy, and Dr. Basaruddin

The caterer provided us with ample of food. Really, it was worth the money. And the food was delicious as well. Most importantly........ I didn't have to undergo yet another episode of intravenous transfusion of Tramal this time.

Left to right: Dr. Fazal Reza, Dr Fadhli, Assoc. Prof. Dr Erry, Dr. Marzuki, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sam'aan

Many thanks to Muhammad Huzaifah aka 'Boss' and Aizan for contributing ideas for the multimedia presentation. I'm really not good at making funny videos, but judging by the way the audience laughed... I think I did alright. A number of lecturers and students asked to replay the video later so I managed to shove in a few more stuff into the video while the games were going.

Left to right: Dr. Adam's wife, Kak Bella, Dr. Nini, Dr. Roselinda, Helmi, Dr. Zurairah, and Dr. Norsila 

Uncountable thanks to Kak Bella, Helmi, Kak Hajar, and Kak Pipah for coming up with fun games. Seeing all the lecturers and students laughing their heart out, I couldn't help but to join in the fun although I was initially very stressed.

Left to right: (sitting) Dr. TP Kannan, Dr. Fazal Reza, Dr. Khursyeed Alam, and Dr. Shanawaz. (standing) Qiaoshu, Kak Hajar, Dr. Abdullah Pohchi, Didi, Dr. Basaruddin, Huiqi, and Pang.

The first game was 'Belon Beracun'. It's something like the musical chair, except that for this, the one who held the balloon in the end would have to pop it in order to retrieve the instructions. They held it as if it was a grenade.

Left to right: Dr. Wan Zaripah, Dr. Sarliza Yasmin Sanusi, Dr. Khursyeed Alam

The next game was 'Pemberita Berkepala Tiga'. Three people would act like a news anchor and they'd take turn and make up stories by saying one word at a time. The rule stated that it was supposed to be spontaneous, but apparently, our lecturers tried to discuss beforehand on what kind of story it'd be. Might be a habit we picked up from constantly planning treatments for our patients :P

I was surprised to witness how fluent Dr. Alam was at speaking in Malay language considering that he has only been in Malaysia for a few months. The story they made up was crazy - something like a student ate alginate to make impressions and brought it to the dean's office... I was buzy that I couldn't listen to the whole story :(

Left to right: Dr. Hany Ahmad and Dr Saaid

The last game was uh... I can't recall its name, but it has something to do with two people making a conversation. The rule was... the conversation may only involve questions. The most dramatic person at that time might be our orthodontist, Dr. Ahmad Burhanuddin, who acted cheekily. It ended with Dr. Saa'id and Dr. Hany Ahmad reciting Tola'al Badru 'Alayna. 

Left to right: Kak Mimi, Yantie, Kak Bella, me, Azizah, and Izza

At the end of the event, we were surpised with three Secret Recipe cakes by the lecturers with this pasted on the boxes: 

All the exhaustion simply dissipated. We're very touched. We really love each and every one of you, dear lecturers.

Left to right: Me, Azizah, Kak Bella, and Aizan

Finally, the time for me to gobble on some food arrived. I was touched when all of my coursemates reserved some food and cakes for Kak Bella, Helmi, and me. Seriously, I couldn't ask for more than this.

On a completely different note, as usual, Dr. Sarliza (paediatric dentist), Kak Bella, and I will go for swimming every Wednesday and Sunday. So yesterday was not an exception. 

See... after numerous times of swimming there, we found out from a lady who happened to be a regular there that a Chinese lad drowned in that very swimming pool a few years ago. So I asked her, "How deep is that swimming pool, really? I never really cared previously, but knowing this now... how deep is it?". "12 feet", she answered. Kak Bella and I panicked for awhile. I really had no idea all these while because I usually just dive into the water and start swimming 20 laps or so - especially since I don't jog anymore, I really need to work out one way or another. Personally, as long as I can still swim and stay afloat, there's not much reason to be afraid of how deep it is and etc. But knowing that a person drowned there is a totally different story. Shit.

Left to right: Helmi, Kak Bella, and I

And after swimming, Kak Bella, Aizan, Apek, and I celebrated Helmi's birthday at Ozarah. Son, I wish you all the best in life as well as afterlife. Thanks for bringing joy to our batch, really. 

Life is getting more interesting these few days ;)

p/s: Sorry for grammatical errors. Didn't bother to reread this. Hur hurrrrr.

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