Friday, May 11, 2012

sonic boom

I decided to redecorate my bedroom. It isn't much, but at least it feels somewhat cozier now. I used to feel so annoyed having to stay in because it looked somewhat dreadful. And I hate this daylight ceiling light. White lights - I really hate them. I wish I can do something about that, but I'm quite sure the admin will get mad if I do so. And the sun looks so brilliant today, I am at ease. *crackles and stretches*

Anyway, I got to meet my Apple Danish girlfriends about 3 weeks ago, FINALLY! Ah well, only 2 months+ to go and I'll have more time to do whatever I've been holding myself back from doing. Pumped up! Okay, back to my Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics textbook... eh, oh... it's 6pm already. Time to go to the night market nearby :P Om nom nom ^_^ Anyway, I'm in such a good mood these few days, I had been gobbling on food so much that I gained back a kilo. Darnnnnn.

And I need a good speaker. Soon. Will someone be kind enough to buy me one? Banyak cikadak pula.

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