Monday, June 25, 2012

come and go

Alhamdulillah, 99% of my medical colleagues passed their final professional exams and that includes my dear dear dear Norhafizah Mohamed. Congratulations, babe :) Today, as I sent her to Renaissance Hotel for her graduation night, a wave of melancholy struck me. What more when my FM modulator was playing Everything Burns by Anastacia featuring Ben Moody of Evanescence (ridiculous, I know). I forgot to have my lunch today... again. Although I wasn't in the mood for dinner much, I had to force myself to have it. Particularly because I collapsed three days ago due to hypotension. My body really is going haywire with all these worries trapped in this little vault I carry here and there. I'm unsure now. I really want to graduate, but the future is somewhat hazy. Frankly, I am trying my best to complete my clinical requirements, but regardless of our plans, Allah is the best planner.

Soon, Fiza shall be leaving for her hometown for good. Of course, every meeting shall end with a farewell, sooner or later. Everything was foreseen obviously, but when the time actually comes, one can't help but to heave such melancholic emotions. Truth to be told, one of the main reasons I'd like to graduate as soon as possible is so that I can start working soon and meet these lads perhaps worrying about something apart from exams, exams, and yeah - exams. Somewhat shallow way of thinking, but that's how I'd like to keep things in the meantime.

I actually have two reports to finish today, but I'm letting my heart win this time. Blogging jeahhh!

Anywhoo, I'm somewhat bugged this time. I might've crossed 'the line' too far. I think I should withdraw and save myself from unnecessary troubles. Yes. Thy shall.

I received texts from Anith. Couldn't help but to pour all my misery to her. I felt somewhat guilty afterwards and relieved too haha :) I actually mistook her Whatsapp texts for another hamsap guy who had been bugging me for weeks. Darn, the media has been raging about mischievous acts committed by professionals, but what about the patients themselves?

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