Sunday, July 1, 2012

all out literally

Well, during this past fortnight, I passed out, vomited more than thrice, got severe migraine (and I had never had that before), ran here and there running after lecturers for signatures, ditched my regular swimming session, and etc. "You're gonna pengsan la fifth year", I remember my senior, Mong, telling me many months ago. Now that's left is only my paediatric dentistry requirements which shall be settled tomorrow, insya Allah.

Special thanks to a friend who helped me in completing most of my requirements. I... just hope that he'll stop thinking that I'm hanging out with him for my own selfish reasons. Really, I truly appreciate your company these past few months.

Special thanks to Dr Sarliza too. She really burns all her energy to help us fifth year students in this mission. Eventhough we're desperately running out of manpower in the paedodontics department, Dr Zuliani and Dr Sarliza really gave their all to help us even if it means supervising more than twenty kids in a session. I'm really touched and grateful from the bottom of my heart. USM, please hire more paedodontists. I really feel sorry for all my colleagues, my lecturers, as well as myself for such embarrassing problem an Apex university shouldn't have had.

I... really want to graduate as soon as possible. In the past fortnight, Alhamdulillah, I amazingly completed three units of fixed prosthodontic items. For that, I shall never forget the good deed my dental technologists done - En Saiful and Puan Azizah, you guys really make superb crowns and bridges. Their margin always go flush with my crown preparation. En Kudin, you made it possible to issue two units of partial cobalt chrome denture within a week. Really. You're amazing.

For some uncomprehensible reasons, I was not confident at performing root canal treatment when I was in my fourth year, hence, the reason all of my root canal treatment requirements fulfilled within my fifth year. To a special patient who patiently comes to the dental clinic numerous times... thanks for letting me perform a root canal treatment, post and core, anterior porcelain bonded to metal crown, and two units of partial cobalt chrome denture on you. I am truly grateful to have such cooperative patient.

Not forgetting my two little patients whom one of them although is only four year old, underwent eight extractions, two crown cementations, one pulp therapy, and received a Nance appliance. You're really the strongest kid I've ever known so far. And they have the most motivated parents I've seen so far in my life.

To another dental technologist, although I was angry towards you from time to time for causing me to do all the labworks by myself, I am grateful because because of you, I can say that I'm good at doing labworks now. And fast at them too :) Nonetheless, your gum work is always fantastic. Seriously.

Well, now, time to finish those little requirements left and insya Allah graduate in the nearest possible time.

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