Monday, July 30, 2012

be strong be strong

12 noon and I received a message from my good friend, Azizah, "Z, Mia, semua lulus exam :)", and I smiled at first. And then I started crying. Congratulations to all my friends who passed the exam. You guys are officially Drs now.

I immediately texted Hannah and Kishie. I knew I need to be cheered up and I wasn't wrong. Nonetheless, it still feels painful now, but I have to get through this phase. I have the skill and knowledge already, so I hope these six months to come will be easier on me. I let out a sigh. Be strong, Zahirah, you must be strong so that you can graduate within six months and not be dragged down by these stuff. It's just that this time I'll have to be more alert and get warded less. Oh, I forgot... I have to learn being punctual as well ;) There's no room for fashionably late in this professional world. Blarghhhh.

Shit, Love Bites by Def Leppard is good. 

Mia texted me, "I received the news from Jijah & congratulated her ^^ Of course, let's work hard together :D". She too will have to extend another six months of clinics like me. I guess it's because the other eleven already expected this so they're much more positive than I am. Oh well, I hope their optimism will rub off on me. This evening, I'm gonna work out till I faint. Must clear my mind. Must clear my mind.

Tersandar, mata tertutup, aku hela nafas, redha dengan segala-galanya. Sebaik-baik rencana kita, rencana-Nya Allah ialah yang terbaik. Insya Allah.

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