Sunday, July 22, 2012

eargasm early in the morning

If you're into Maksim Mrvica and his alikes, most probably you'll love this. If you're a hardcore classical music fan, especially those from the Romanticism era, you might uhm... despise them. I'm a classical music fan, especially Rachmaninoff (I particularly love Concerto No. 2, Op. 18 - opening and Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43) and listening to their version of Prelude in C# was somewhat painful, perhaps because I found it lacking in guitar riffs, which if they were louder and heavier, the emotion of that composition might've been restored. Personally, anything that sounds great is good enough for me. While I didn't really like the piece on Rachmaninoff, this one on Vivaldi is certainly superb. Eargasm in this rainy morning.

I usually sleep after performing the Subuh solat (hihi I know, it's not good), but today, my heart skipped a beat as I saw a picture uploaded by a university staff showing my colleagues sitting for their exams. Yes, I've already learned to accept the fact that I have to extend another six months of clinics, but when this day finally arrives... I don't know... breathing feels tougher now.

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