Sunday, July 15, 2012

first phase of recovery

RJ)(#_!(#+@#_)*(*R@)_I#!!! I actually left my USB cable in that car (by the way it's in Nilai and I'm in Shah Alam now) and now my handphone is dead. Scumbag brain.

'Anger'. Honestly, that's refreshing. I'd rather feel this than those constant sadness, disappointment, and regret. "Go back, have fun as much as you want. Then, come back and give your all", my senior, Alia told me when I consulted her previously.

These ladies - they stayed by my side through thick and thin, even when I became a worse person. "Screw it, I'm sick of being a nice girl after all this shit", I said to them. Instead of judging me, they just replied, "Agree, agree", and we laughed it off. For some reasons, I'm just too scared of telling some things to the others, but when it comes to these people, I just pour out everything (well, except secrets I vowed to keep to myself). And to just have empty conversations - I am at ease. Thank you, Kishie, Hannah, and May. Me gusta each one of you.

This guy, he really put up with all my crap. Seriously! Who on earth would listen to this pathetic whiner when he's sick and his house is a black hole of communication? He's there whenever I need him the most, always. All the time. Even when I was sobbing and mumbled, he didn't tell me that he couldn't understand half of the things I said. Two days in a row, and still he was there, supporting me. I feel blessed to have him in my life. Thank you, Hanif :)

My elder sister - Wani, an amazing writer and a dedicated lecturer. Honestly, listening the stories of her students - I felt like giving a bitchslap to every one of them and yet she just said, "Aku tak sampai hati lah nak buat macam tu kat diorang". She welcomed me as usual as if nothing happened. I love you, sister :')

In eight hours, I'll be going to Genting Highlands for a vacation with Along and Kak Sue. Awesome siblings I have. Thank you, Allah, for lending these people to me.

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