Tuesday, July 17, 2012

you put your arms around me and i'm home

"Zaaaack, you look prettier and slimmer now! Dah nak kahwin keee? Ajak la Ifa kalau dah nak kahwin", my junior, Ifa, said to me excitedly when I bumped into her at Genting Highlands. Adoi... boyfriend pun tak ada nak kahwin celah mana? Siapa laaa nak kat aku yang melecehkan ni sigh... Well, anyway, I'm starting to cuss again at myself for forgetting to bring my phone charger. Thank God I brought my laptop. Well, Sir Lappy, I'm going to depend on you for communication now, alright?

The weather is so beautiful today. It rained just now and to sit on this hanging chair on this veranda while blogging and (hihi), I feel so calm. Didn't regret my decision to just ditch USM for home at all. If I was there for a few more days, I'm sure I'd be down with depression in a few days time.Today, I received a news from Umi saying Ibu (my aunty) is terribly ill after her chemotherapy. Haemoglobin count dropped to 2. I hope she'll make it through this stage. I just hope nothing terrible happens. On the other hand, I too, have fallen ill. Again. Which makes it my second time during this break. Weather changes really weaken my immunity.

All of a sudden, a wave of melancholy struck me. I miss Fiza. I wish she's somewhere I can reach within minutes :( A week ago, she called me saying that her parents are planning to adopt me and they'd visit me in Kelantan. I am so touched :') I am so blessed with loving friends around me. In this case, loving friend's parents too :)

Well, Ramadhan is just around the corner. Time for self-cleansing. Did so many wrongful things for the past few months. Not going to repeat them anymore. Self-control upgraded to level 9000!

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