Monday, July 9, 2012

you're gonna see more of me

Apparently, I have six more months to attend clinics. I was shocked when I received the news, but yeah... I guess one shall never mess up with dental public health. I overlooked a few things - my most major mistake this time, some rules I never knew existed. Although I had finished up my conservative dentistry and prosthodontics requirements, I guess I'll have to do more of them now. I promised myself that I'd approach this more positively if it happened. Well I guess this promise is the hardest one to hold on to. A promise is really something I cherish, but so far I had not cried for only four hours these couple of days. These eyes are beyond recognition now. Too swollen perhaps.

I hadn't eaten for two days. Made a silly oath today. Won't be eating anything until I reach home tonight.

I just hope I won't fall into that black hole this time. Oh Allah, please grant me strength to face this test. My personal adviser will be on sabbatical leave this August. When the deputy dean said he'd shuffle it, Assoc Prof Dr Azizah took up the task. She hugged me as I left the office. Although I was crying out of disappointment, I somewhat regret that I didn't get to tell her that I am deeply grateful for this.

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