Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cold shower

Nilai Impian sure is far. I reached home from Subang Jaya at around 1am. I decided to just 'cruise' along this time and for the first time ever, I didn't reach 170kmph. Somewhat proud of myself hur hur. Nevertheless, the trip took about 40minutes to be completed and overall fuel consumption was 9.2l/100km. That's more than my usual trips! It used to be 8.9l/100km. Perhaps speeding up in the future is more time-saving and cost-effective.

For the first time ever during this Ramadhan, I went to a bazaar and bought myself a meal for iftar. Beli kuih pernahlah, tapi makanan berat tak pernah lagi. Somehow I prefer cooking for my family myself. And then Kerol, my childhood friend, suggested to eat it at a food court in Carrefour. Somehow I got excited because that was my first time doing so. Ezmeer couldn't join us. Jumpa client la tu. Hmphh. And then I got to meet my Subang girl friends - Kishie, Epa, and Hannah :) I really love these people (including May but she couldn't join us :( ), alright, you may insert the gay seal here.

Time flew this break. There is only a fortnight left before flying back to Kelantan. Seeing these ladies isn't just 30minutes of drive away anymore. A sigh escaped. Only six months left and insya Allah, I shall complete this mission. Then, I shall be home for good. This time, I made myself swear not to repeat the same mistakes - no more giving too much face to those who don't deserve it - who are too much of a liability - an unstable entity that may add up more damage to whatever I am already sustaining now. Time to achieve balance. Indeed, "Buat baik berpada-pada (there's a limit to being kind to others)", according to a Malay saying. Those who had been helping me throughout this recovery, I shall keep them close. O

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