Saturday, August 4, 2012

eat pray love

Aizan's husband at the front, I was sitting on a plantar across the coral reef (that dark patch in the middle)

I just finished watching Eat, Pray, Love... again. It lead to a thought - which place feels homey the most? Where did I find peace? I'd go with islands. I love listening to the sound of waves and resetting my visual receptors by looking at the clear blue sea. Swimming deep into the sea when I know the depth is at least 5 meters there, as if there's a completely alien world down there, swimming along schools of fish. I enjoyed those spontaneous dives into the sea to find turtles and baby sharks (I swam along five baby sharks and they weren't even afraid or swam away). Swimming calms me down. That's why I went to Perhentian Island about six times already now. I love being there. I love the slow-paced life and knowing that the coral reef is just a number of strokes away. And when you've swam enough, a plantar is there for you to sit on and just breathe in and smell the sea. If I'm given the option without anyone influencing me, I'd choose a place near a good island. Imagine getting to swim like this after a tiring day at clinics. Darn, I want that life. In the meantime, I need to get enough money to get my scuba diving licence. I just want to see more of everything. Insya Allah :)


sabya said...

zahirah kalau pegi amik license skuba, na ikot plssssss. hehe

zahirah ardy said...

I'd be glad to hav a company for sure :)