Friday, August 17, 2012

happy birthday, Kitssss

17th August - It's Kishie's 24th birthdayyyy! Happy birthday, pretty lady, Roslyna Balkish binti Rosly (now there!)! And yes, you're still the prettiest, rest assured :) It was an impromptu celebration actually. Received Hannah's text this evening and there I was, on my way to pick up May and Kishie in Subang Jaya from Nilai. Celebrated this lady's birthday along with Epa, Ozz, Hannah, and Awy. I can't exactly remember when I last celebrated any of this girls' birthday. I was usually in Kelantan. 

Come to think of it... how did this strange feelings of comfy and security linger whenever they are around? I am that rather rigid-minded, not so ladylike (no I'm not that into window shopping, chic flicks, and make ups), sometimes awkward for no reason, and etc. Opposite attracts - even when it comes to a friendship. It's mentally tiring to have the same bunch of rigid people around, and to just listen and watch them enjoying everything somehow makes me feel at ease. I can choose not to be myself, break free from my norm whenever I want to and they will not be judgmental and condemning. I am very grateful that Allah is lending them to me. They're one of the few reasons I am still sane up till today.

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