Friday, August 17, 2012

i'm a nag

Look, I haven't slept for a day, and Umi told me that our balik kampung plan is changed. We're going to Kampung Semaloi, Endau, (my father's side) tomorrow instead of the day after. This also means I had to go to KL with Umi this very morning. So you know what happens when you're getting lack of sleep - emotional rage!

My ears might not be very sensitive but my nose surely is. The first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the car was the roads were reeking of garbage. Soon, I smelled fried chicken. The roads were crowded as hell although it was only 9am. And then there were loud music everywhere and within half an hour, I became nauseated. I'm really not a shopaholic person and the last place I'd like to shop at will be a crowded place. If it's up to me, three shops are my maximum limit. If I can't find what I already set my mind to buy by then, I'd just give up and head home.

The traffic was so congested and everyone was driving as if a tsunami was just a few feet behind them. As usual, I became Umi's luggage carrier (I have no idea what's the proper term for this job). So after waiting for almost 20 minutes for an elevator (I'm quite sure I had never witnessed any slower elevator than the one in Sogo) and I was handful with five humongous plastic bags and gosh it felt like I was doing some weight-lifting workout, a group of people who each of them was only carrying one tiny plastic bag, if not none, decided to cut the queue. "Cepat, cepat masuk (hurry, get in the elevator)", they said to each other. I finally ran out of patience and snapped, "Seronoknya tunggu lif dengan barang-barang semua ni (it's fun to wait for the elevator with all these stuff I'm carrying)", and just proceeded to an escalator instead.

Next while I was browsing a few shelves for a quilt cover for my bed, I was agitated to hear three sales assistants chit-chatting so loudly that I started to get headache. I have this weird partial deafness that makes me less sensitive to low pitch sound and extra sensitive to high pitch sound, hence the reason my headache developed after listening to such noise. I passed the quilt cover I chose to one of them. She didn't smile, said thank you, or show any courteous gesture at all. "You must be having a fun time chit-chatting just now because you got so loud that I even got headache hearing your conversation", I snapped. She just smiled at me and continued chit-chatting.

I was obviously exhausted. So I headed to a chair which seemed to be vacant except for a lady's book placed there. I apologised and asked her whether the chair is available, if I could sit on it. That lady just looked at me, basically ignoring me as well, and started dialing some numbers and talked on her phone loudly. I got pissed off that I picked the book up and put it on her lap and sat down. She was talking so loud that I started to get headache again. I asked her politely to tone down, but as previously, she ignored me. I became uh... 'psycho'? I started playing funny videos on my phone and laughed loudly that she got annoyed and went somewhere else.

Now what kind of a fucked up place has KL came to be? I'm going to be honest. I don't like Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR) at all. These are my reasons. Every year, our raya shopping time will be the exact thing that I dread. I'm not even good at bargaining with shoppers because I usually end up feeling sorry for them.

It wasn't a fun trip, I'd say.

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