Thursday, August 16, 2012

post-torture day 1

Selempang selendang saja (very prominent eye bag, yes, I just woke up, tak mandi pun lagi ngaahahaha)

Umi thought that I needed a facial treatment. Honestly, I don't give much damn about my facial skin care, because hahaaaaaa, clinics are more important (tiba-tiba muka serius). Basically, that's my selfish reason. So yesterday, I was dragged to Taipan and had it done there. No, I had never experienced such thing in my life, and hell NO, It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced so far, hands down, even a root canal treatment with failure of achieving pulpal anaesthesia couldn't beat it! No shit, my tear dropped spontaneously when they did it on my nose. I was chanting, "Please someone get me the fuck out of here, please someone shoot me now, please someone, just burn me to death (referring to a gore incident two days ago involving a 16-year old girl... I shouldn't make jokes about this)", silently. When they replaced that damned instrument-of-torture-only-meant-for-prisoners-a-hunder-years-ago with another one that emits cold vapour, I exclaimed, "Sweet, mother of nectars, Alhamdulillah!", and the beautician laughed. Since I was restraining myself from screaming out of pain, I got exhausted later and fell asleep. So, I didn't have any idea what she did afterwards. When I woke up, I noticed my eyebrows shaped much more and...

... I can almost swear my facial expression was like this. Whyyyyyyyyy? See, I don't like to shape them too much. Now I feel like I'm a freaking female satan... or something. And the red marks which resulted from that episode of torture on the right side of my face haven't disappeared yet, but the beautician said it'll only take a day for it to disappear. Theoretically, 28 hours had passed and...

...yes, 70% of them had disappeared and another 30% still persist and I'm terribly worried if they'd start to end up as brown skin pigmentations. So, yes, red marks, I'M WATCHING YOU!

As a summary, I shall think more than twice about undergoing another cycle of facial treatment in the future. The beautician did inform me that the pain was intense because it's my very first time and the followings will not be as painful as this. Mayhap mayhap.

On a completely different note, Kishie and Hannah's birthdays are drawing sooo nearrr and so is eid ul-fitr! This might be the loneliest eid celebration for me as there are only Umi, Ayah, and I. Wani and Along might not join us. I is sads. "Siapakah yang sudi, menghulurkan simpati, kepada Ira yang sunyi", singing Black Dog Bone's song to my elder siblings.

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