Thursday, September 27, 2012

a blessing

Praises to Allah, Wani was blessed with a baby boy yesterday. His name is Ikhlas, a simple name. If I'm blessed with a baby one day, I'd give the baby a simple name too just like my father and my elder sister did. And now I can't stop thinking about my very first nephew and I want to come home desperately because Wani's bringing him back to our Nilai home tomorrow. Congratulations, dear sister.

On the other hand, although I am emotionally ecstatic, physically I am somewhat worn out. Today I'm down with pharyngitis with lymphadenitis, not to mention an insect bite on my upper lip. "Kena cium dengan lipas awak ni", the general practitioner in HUSM told me when I sought for treatment this morning. "Tapi saya tingkat tiga", and she just laughed saying that that's where the roaches are. I guess the sky is the limit when it comes to roaches. I'm supposed to be on a leave today as the doctor advised, but I hadn't seen Anisah for quite some time and she's coming to the clinic today :)

I just noticed that I hadn't posted anything for quite some time, but this beautiful news is more than enough to make me resume blogging once again.

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