Thursday, September 20, 2012

bukan kita

I'm not sure whether the infamous Innocence of Muslims video on Youtube was solely about making fun of our Prophet (peace be upon him). If it's intended to bring the worse out of us, muslims, I think they are doing quite a good job. When I saw videos of riots involving muslims all around the world - Jakarta, Pakistan, and etc., all that was evident is how violent a number of us are and how narrow-minded they were. True, we can't let such blasphemy go just like that, but no, unnecessary violence isn't something Islam teaches us. There are reasons Umar Al-Khattab was no longer the hot-tempered person he used to be before he embraced Islam.

During such riots, was there any guarantee no one would get hurt? What do you get from such chaos? The world fearing us? What kind of respect can be bought through fear of violence? Do you feel proud when non-muslims start to broadcast their apology for what a minority of them did? For a start, pride is and has never been our right to own. Keep up with the world, and don't act so barbaric thinking everything can be solved with violence. There are reasons people fight for education. One of them is so that you can get educated enough and learn that there are many other more diplomatic and chaos-free moves which can help in bringing the video down.

Come on, anyone with a right mind will not fully believe such video. It's our responsibility to educate the world on the real truth regarding our Prophet (peace be upon him). We can start by practising the Prophet's sunnah and showing our wisdom, but unless being harmed, we have no right to resort to violence in relation to this matter. Furthermore, how many of us, muslims, really study on our Prophet (peace be upon him)? Ask this question to yourself first before overreacting and further propagating Islamophobia. 

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