Sunday, September 16, 2012

orang sains

Left to right: Me, Kishie, Hannah, May, and Epa

It sure is good to be home. My cousins, Lutfi, Ashraf, and Khaidir are home for tomorrow's BBQ. With the boys here, the house feels livelier. Last night, I got to meet the girls at Hannah's BBQ. Two BBQs in a row, habislah buncit habis, but ah well, I don't get to indulge myself with all these in Kelantan. Might as well enjoy it while I can :) Hung out with my childhood pal, Azizi, afterwards. With this, I declare my day optimally spent :)) Double smileys!

Having said that, the conversation I had with Azizi made me think of one thing. Saya orang sains, cakapnya tak pandai berkias. I'm a person who makes my points straight and expect similar things in return. When others beat around the bushes, I rarely comprehend messages they try to convey and often misinterpret them. Even when it comes to shopping, I have certain shops that I am very much familiar with and I don't shop at other shops. The very moment I enter them, I'd start scanning for 10 minutes or less and if nothing grabs my eyes, I'd just exit them and give up. I don't even try on stuff which I most probably won't buy. It's like this even when it comes to studying. I don't turn on my laptop or chit chat when I study. It's either study or just close the books and do other things. I can't even stand chic flicks or philosophical novels. I'd mumble to myself, "Can't you just say things straight, damn it!", whenever I do so. To say that I am very rigid, that's extreme. I'd prefer describe myself as a simple and practical person. Come to think of it, I'm glad them girls don't do that - beating around the bushes. Or else, I'd just run away and save myself from all the confusion.

Being in the safe zone seem to be a bad habit of mine, I guess, and some might see me as being clingy. I've just... had enough of getting hurt and causing damage on others. Besides, I'm too old for dramas. Haha!

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